Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

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To confirm any tour, we require a small deposit to be paid over PayPal , and the balance is payable in cash at the pick-up, to be paid to your driver in euros.

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Is it possible to pay the entire amount with PayPal?

Usually, we request the balance payments in cash because PayPal also has many transaction fees and operational delays since it’s a global institution.

In some cases, we can accept the complete payment via Paypal; however, a 5% fee is going to be applied to hide the additional transaction charges. Just in case you’re considering this method, it’s best to rearrange the payment before the tour.

Yes, as we mentioned in the included list, for travellers who don’t like to go on camels, we use a 4×4 car to transfer them to and from the camp. You just need to inform us at the time of booking.

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